“Jody’s dedication to her profession goes way beyond “trainer”.  She is constantly updating her skill set to offer more varied and challenging routines.  I would describe her mind as “the lights are always on.”  Without reservation, I recommend Jody to anyone looking for a person to help them improve their physical, nutritional, and mental life-style.”

- David



“In subtle ways Jody keeps challenging you to be the best you.   I have been working out with Jody for over 6 years.  When I  think back to the beginning, I had to sit between sets, lacked flexibility and strength and if I was lucky complete only one push-up.  Today, I amaze myself at some of the things I can do.  I would have to credit that to Jody's full body workouts and customizing the workout to you.  Jody has an energy and an enthusiasm for what she does that makes me look forward to working out with her.”

-Jamie P.



“I came to Jody through my sister, Jamie, and started with semi-private yoga sessions.  While I may not get to that “Zen place,” it is the most peaceful hour of my entire week as Jody takes me on a journey to calmness and helps move my body into positions I never knew it could go to.  Jody’s care for her clients’ mental, emotional and physical well-being is deep and sincere.  When I needed to get in shape for an upcoming event in 6 weeks, Jody was there.  While the routines are beyond challenging, (I often wonder if she lays awake at night devising ever more complicated workout routines for her clients), 6 weeks later my problem areas were toned and tighter.  More importantly, my self-confidence was vastly improved.  The physical and mental successes are due to Jody’s compassionate and non-judgmental nature as she focuses on each client’s individual needs.  Jody is what we all aspire to be not only in terms of physical fitness but as human beings.  My goal? To have Jody as my personal trainer, guru and friend 5 days a week!”  

– Ellen




“Jody is an inspiring teacher and motivator. When I first started working with Jody, I lacked focus and consistency in my workout regime. Over the course of a few months, Jody helped me understand proper form and how different muscle groups’ work together. She also challenged me with customized strength training combined with intervals of cardio. My workouts are now more effective from her guidance. Because of Jody, I am feeling like a confident and radiant person again. She helped spark my love of wellness and fitness – and I believe I’m finally on the right path.”

– Connie




“I have been working with Jody for a while.  After struggling with my weight for 20 years or so, I now weigh less than I did in high school and I am in better shape than I was back then.  It has changed my life.  Jody is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, exercise, fitness and stretching.  Her advice to me about my diet and my workout routine has been invaluable.  Perhaps most significant to me is how positive and affirming she is.  I am never more motivated than after she and I have had a session.  She is pure inspiration which is a big part of how she helps her clients reach their goals.  If you are unhappy with your physique, if you have been struggling to have the body you want, I encourage you to contact Jody.  You can have the body you want and Jody can get you there.”

– Blake